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Customer Reviews


"Latest deal amazing value for money."

Live. Love. London

"Good service , great taste"

jj Vetti

"Best food and polite staff very good for price"

Moe Sereno

"Great quality food."

jazz bedesha

"Wow the customer service was surprisingly good, considering I was not expecting the high level of service. Food good to match as well."

Amjad Yusif

"The food is amazing and the taste on point I personally recommend the experience. Just want to say thanks to Roke and Mo for there service. 👍🏽👍🏽"

Benji Mackenzie Weller

" This is a fabulous fresh and clean Piri chicken restaurant in Croydon Their food is fresh, tasty and most importantly not greasy. Love this shop! A must if in Croydon. Chicken shop Croydon!"

J Smith

"Friendly polite service. Food cooked to a great standard."

Lady jay's global Diamondvoice4

"An ambient environment... The menu is surprisingly flexible for a high street takeaway. It provides a traditional country side/hotel feel menu. Lovely..."

"TheGuitarist93 "

"Very quick and friendly service, I'm a huge fan of the spicy wings with rice, and it's a very good price also."

Shahin Ahmed

"It’s very regularly. Always in point"

Sannah Ahmed

"Beef burger was gd, chips could have been better. Seasoned "

Jeevaa Kethees

"Love the food. But some time the quality of the food goes down.. bet mostly it a good palace for grills .. "